Lindsay Lohan looks a disaster at Kanye’s fashion show

Lindsay Lohan has had a rough ride in the fashion press the past couple of years. Being ceremoniously dropped by fashion label Emanuel Ungaro after a disastrous collaboration was not her finest moment.

Surprisingly, LiLo does have it in her to make some good style choices – it’s just a shame she doesn’t choose to do so all that often. And so it goes that at Kanye West’s debut fashion show this weekend, she looked a mess.

The pale ecru shade of her dress drained every ounce of colour from the actress and clashed with her champagne locks. And then there’s the fit. The dress looks stretched across the chest and is too long in the sleeves – and we dare say a bra, of any sort, at least, would have helped conceal her protruding nipples.

Don’t even get us started on the crumpled fabric, which just looks like Lindsay’s stylist forgot to iron. Lindsay, you’re not doing yourself any favours with this one, girl!

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