Cheryl Cole’s pretty in pink at Pride of Britain

Try saying that really fast. Even though Cheryl Cole opted for a pastel pink dress for the Pride of Britain Awards, she didn’t pale in comparison to the rest of the guests. In fact, we think she was one of the best dressed celebs there. 

Fresh from visiting our troops in Afghanistan, Cheryl swapped her camouflage gear for a floor sweeping Victoria Beckham gown, looking every bit as chic and elegant as we know she can be.

We know Cheryl likes to keep a dignified silence as far as headlines are concerned, but if this look could speak, it would say “I’m back and fiercer than ever!” or, er, something along those lines.

But, despite having over 10 years worth of practice, Cheryl was still nervous about her red carpet appearance, tweeting “how can I still be nervous about red carpets after 10 years.. Eeek!” to her followers.

Bless her. She clearly had nothing to worry about – welcome back Cheryl.

[Daily Mail]

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