Rafael Nadal strips down to his Armani pants in steamy new video

Ladies, calm yourselves. Yes, this is essentially a video of tennis hottie Rafael Nadal stripping down to his Armani undies, but we urge you to take a few deep breaths before you press play – there’s plenty of Nadal to go around! 

The tennis champ is clearly being put through his paces for this promo vid, as he is seen sprinting through a car park, gradually undressing, before jumping into a lift.

This is where the stripping action takes place, so you’ll want to pay attention here. The lift contains a leather holdall, presumably left by a fairy godmother, which comes with a sexy change of denim clothes.

Ok, it isn’t an Oscar-worthy plot – in fact, we’re a little confused by the narrative – but Nadal rocks both white Emporio Armani pants and double denim effortlessly, which is clearly all that matters.



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