Christina Aguilera forgets her trousers in LA

No, no, no, no, no, Christina. On first look, we thought the poor love had forgotten her skirt whilst on a shopping trip to Los Angeles. However, we later found out she was actually trying to make a style statement!

From the waist up, her outfit isn’t half bad (apart from that misplaced baseball cap). The long black leather jacket, white tee and gorgeous red Alexander McQueen skull scarf all work really well together.

It’s her bottom half that we just can’t get our head around. She drew glances for all the wrong reasons when she stepped out in pair of oversized black knickers and semi-opaque tights. Christina, sweetie, tights do not count as pants and those stunning Louboutins are totally wasted on this outfit.

As our modern day Marilyn, we look to you for a surge of glamour and refinery but all we see here is a pantless pop princess. We love you, Christina, but we certainly don’t understand what you were thinking with this ensemble…

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