Abigail Breslin isn’t mellow in yellow

She may have made her break in feel good movie Little Miss Sunshine, but whether that is reason enough for Abigail Breslin to dress top-to-toe in florescent yellow is questionable.

She certainly drew attention when she wore this ensemble to a special screening of her new movie, Janie Jones, in New York last week.

We’re in two minds about Miss Breslin’s outfit. On one hand, the girl is only 15-years-old and a little bit of experimentation never did anybody any harm.

On the other hand, Abigail, you are giving us a headache! Surely someone close to her should have advised her that an acid yellow skirt suit was not the most appropriate red carpet look for a young actress.

And, not to rub salt into the wound, but those brownish pumps ain’t doing nothing for you, honey.

Looks like it’s back to fashion school for Abigail – but what do you think?

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