New E! modelling show Scouted rips off Anja Rubik’s Elie Saab advert

The claws are well and truly out on Twitter today, courtesy of top model Anja Rubik. She took to the social networking site to express her feelings towards the Scouted advert, as she believed it was a direct, and in her words, “shameless” copy of her highly successful and uber-glam advert for Elie Saab’s fragrance “Le Parfum” which debuted in May earlier this year. The advert featured her posing on a busy street in a billowing Elie Saab gown, which the Scouted advert has very accurately replicated. 

Scouted is E! Entertainment’s brand new model-search reality show, whereby they aim to find the next big thing in the modelling world… we assume it’s a cross between America’s Next Top Model and anything with the Kardashians in.

We cannot dispute that the Scouted advert must have been based on the Elie Saab campaign due to the endless similarities, but we think both Anja Rubik and Elie Saab should be flattered – after all, it is their image that the wannabes are looking up to. Anja Rubik is certainly a great model to aspire to be… but do you think the Scouted ad should have gone about it in a different way?

Would you be flattered or offended?

[Fashion Foie Gras] 


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