Love or Hate: Kate Moss’s BFA fishnet dress

So we’ve rounded up the winners and we’ve concluded the best dressed – there’s just one thing we’re yet to make our mind up on, and that’s Kate Moss’s fishnet dress.

The mysterious creation that, at time of publishing, no even the savviest of editors can can seem to place, was made up of a nude slip with a long sleeved black net overlay, complete with solid cuffs and a skirt that fluted out at the feet with another solid velvet hem.

So here’s our thoughts: minus the sleeves, it could be quite elegant. It’s got the rock ‘n’ roll edge that’s signature Kate, and it’s got a glam-gloth thing going on that, given Moss’s inherent coolness, looks kinda hot.

Here’s our concern, though – isn’t it a bit, you know, fetish? And doesn’t it look kind of harsh?

We want to know what you think. Does she look like a mysterious mermaid or a bad catch? Cast your votes below!

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