Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has two smouldering covers for the UK Harper’s Bazaar January ‘body issue’

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley may have the word ‘actress’ on her CV now, but she is still a model at heart, with her pictures from the Harper’s Bazaar UK January issue proving that she is first and foremost a top model.

It’s not just Rosie’s bouncy, voluminous Hollywood pinup hair and sexy pout that unleashes every girl’s inner green eyed monster; it’s also her phenomenal body – which Harper’s Bazaar clearly references on the front cover. Burberry chose Rosie as the face of its new Burberry Body fragrance for a reason and we aren’t struggling to see why.

Somewhat depressingly, January issues have a very prominent ‘dieting/body’ theme due to everyone wanting to detox after over-indulging during the Christmas period, and if there is one person to motivate you into working out and eating well, it’s Rosie.

The Victoria’s Secret Angel (and Transformers 3 actress) was photographed by Madonna fave Tom Munro, and is seen wearing a stunning, extremely daring Burberry dress on one cover and a black and gold Michael Kors swimsuit on the other.

Do you have a favourite of the two newsstand covers? We don’t know which one we will pick, so we may just close our eyes and pick one at random!

[Harper’s Bazaar] 

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