Marion Cotillard stars in the latest L.A.dy Dior comedic short film

The new Dior comedic short film has finally landed and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you on this cold, dark and dreary Wednesday morning. 

French actress Marion Cotillard, i.e. the beauty who modelled the Lady Dior handbags just a few months ago, was the subject of the film that takes a satirical look at the fashion world.

The fifth installment of the Lady Dior films, L.A.dy Dior, was shot in Hollywood (naturally) by veteran Dior film-maker John Cameron Mitchell  and was apparently inspired by a short film by Richard Avedon in 1973 which starred supermodel and actress Lauren Hutton.

Marion Cottilard plays the part of a model who has had enough of her hectic job and flips out on her photoshoot, although the photographer goes with it as he thinks it is part of the shoot. Her model persona was modelled on the classic Dior lady, as she is sporting an oversized hat, dark shades, Hollywood waves in her blonde hair and of course, a beautiful Lady Dior handbag (the scene in which they can’t decide which handbag to choose is particularly amusing!).

You can watch the comedic short film below – it’s certain to put a smile on your face.

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