All the details on Stella McCartney’s Ab Fab cameo, some spoilers

We know we haven’t got long to wait until Christmas, but we are rather impatient, so are more than happy to read and divulge information ahout Stella McCartney’s upcoming cameo appearance in Absolutely Fabulous, which will be back and better than ever (we assume). 

So, here are all the details – and a few spoilers – regarding Stella’s appearance.

“It’s funny because in this series the joke is that Stella McCartney won’t ever let Eddy into her shop to get any clothes,” Jennifer Saunders told Stylist. “Lots of people go in but the door is always locked and I can’t get in. And I’m like, ‘Stella! Why don’t you love me?’ I fall at Stella’s feet at a drinks reception and go, ‘I’d look great in your clothes!’ She treats me like her stalker, which I’ve become. But actually, in real life, Stella told me, ‘Oh, I’d love Edina to look really nice in my clothes. Can’t she have a Stella makeover?’ And I said, ‘No, she can’t!'”

Sounds very entertaining – we can’t wait. Ab Fab will return to our screens over Christmas – a wonderful gift if ever there was one.


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