Best of 2011: 5 trends we loved

2011 has certainly been a year for experimenting: there must be something about living in a bleak economical climate that’s made us all a bit more dreamy and creative, and all the better for it, we say!

This year, we’ve donned all manner of lengths, fabrics and patterns (to many a varied response, probably), but creating, experimenting and borrowing styles is what keeps fashion exciting and meaningful, right?

And besides, it’s always fun dressing up to try out a new look, whether it works or not. So, without further ado, here are our five favourite trends that we loved from 2011…

Sixties Mod
Our favourite era; what’s not to love about short A-line dresses and a sleek monochrome palette? This year we’ve channelled Jean Shrimpton, Jane Birkin and Twiggy all at once, we’ve flicked our eyeliners and we’ve donned every Peter Pan collar going, and do you know what? We loved every minute of it. Peace, Love and Mod Dressing? Yes, please!

2011 was undeniably the year of the print: never before have we seen so many bold and beautiful patterns sported all at once. Mixing your fruit print shorts with your breton stripe T-shirt was officially how we wore print this year – it doesn’t sound like it should work on paper, but in practice, it’s brilliant.

Fluffy, furry, faux and fantastic: fur had a real moment in 2011. The fur coat came into its own at the beginning of the year in the UK, when us Brits experienced our first proper snow fall in years. Warm and glamorous, fur became the snow-challenged girl’s best friend. Then, once we saw the Gucci fur stoles on the AW11 runway, the fur stole literally stole our hearts, trimming our camel boyfriend coats with a glorious dash of fluffy femininity.

In many a hue, shape and size – 2011 was all about razzle dazzle. Basic Tees were covered in intricate sparkles, dresses shone from head to toe, glamour glinted from every corner, and all thanks to the humble sequin. Dazzling’s so du jour – as if we needed any more encouragement to shine and sparkle on the dance floor!

Gold, silver, and jewelled tones of pink, purple and emerald all took centre stage this year. Never has a skinny jean been as exciting as when it’s painted with pure liquid gold. Offering opulence in the doom and gloom of the recession, metallics were massive in 2011, and long may they shine on in 2012.

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