Worst of 2011: 5 trends we’re glad are gone

We’ve all been there: we’ve excitingly studied the runway shows at the beginning of each season, we’ve watched them inspire and influence our favourite high street shops, and then, before we know it, it’s spread like wildfire – a trend is born.

At this moment we have a choice – to partake in the trend, or to ignore it. Now, here at My Fashion Life, we’re never shy about trying a new trend; we’ll try anything at least once, maybe even for a few weeks.

But sometimes we have to accept that there are some trends that just don’t work for us, and shouldn’t work for anyone else, either.

Here’s five trends that we’ll be glad to see the back of after 2011…


Dear Marc Jacobs, we love you – like, literally – but handcuffs? Really? Yep, the fetish trend never really got us, er, going this year. We can appreciate a pair of tight leather trousers as much as the next person, but teamed with rubber and PVC – well, that’s never going to be the most comfortable get-up is it?  And going for dinner with the boyfriend’s parents donning the bondage look in all honesty just never quite felt right.


We all remember Emma Watson in the tartan McQ dress, right? Lovely, but let’s leave it to her. As much as we want to embrace our inner punk, tartan’s always going to make us think of (old and hairy) men in kilts and D-Ream (that’s a reference especially for those of you who liked Brit Pop in the 90s).

Now, this is a trend that, to begin with, we ssseriously loved. And boy did we buy into it. But the problem is we’ve grown sick of it, and it’s taunting us in our wardrobes telling us that Prada made us do it. We should have known better. Snakeskin, it was good while it lasted.

Now, the jumpsuit’s been around for a while, we know. However, 2011 was officially the year of the onesie. Yes, a grown-up baby-gro that adults – grown adults – seemed to think were acceptable to wear out in public. Comfy and cuddly, yes – but we’re about fashion, not function, so for style’s sake, let’s hope the onesie trend stays in 2011!

Remember spring, way back when we had sunshine? Well, let us jog your memories: there was a big love of fruit and in particular, bananas. Whilst Miuccia’s girls looked great donning gigantic yellow fruits, the high street variations of the trend just looked, well, a bit bananas, to be honest. Unfortunately, it turns out that giant banana earrings only ever look good on the Prada catwalk.

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