Looking for a pair of specs? Look no further!

We very rarely feature glasses here on MFL, so when we received an email from a concerned reader asking us to recommend a pair of specs we put down our coffee, quickly scoffed our cupcake and did what we do best – we scoured the online world for a great pair of eyeglasses.

Now before we share our findings, it is important to remember that when looking for the perfect eyewear not only is it vital to find something wearable with a variety of outfits but of course it’s also crucial to take face shape in to account.


– Ovals are lucky enough to wear most frames

– Round faces can opt for rectangle styles

– Squares should stick to oval or cat eye frames

– Heart-shaped faces can also experiment with cat eye or butterfly frames.

For our reader in question we’ve sourced a pair of vintage inspired rectangle specs by Derek Cardigan that are versatile enough to be worn daily. On sale at Lensway – (a great online secret of ours!) these glasses retail for £69 (previously £370). No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the price really is that great.

And if these designer glasses aren’t your thing you’re guaranteed to find something to suit you over at LensWay. With a wide selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses from top brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and many more at fantastic price, we’re 100% sure you’ll be hooked!

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