Alexa Chung covers a revamped Company magazine

Regular MFL readers may be aware that Company magazine isn’t one we feature heavily on the blog, but we do give good magazine covers recognition, publicity and praise where the aforementioned are due. 

So, without further ado, we give you the February issue of Company magazine, featuring none other than the gorgeous Miss Alexa Chung on the front cover. Yes, that may have had something to do with our decision to write about it, but can you blame us? She’s pretty as a picture!

We may have to start paying more attention to Company – the magazine has worked hard on a brand new layout as far as both the front cover and editorial pages are concerned.

We’re definitely going out to buy this one – we were sold from the moment we saw Alexa on the cover, but the ‘Fashion Icons of 2012’ cover line has caught our eye and we are most intrigued.

And you know it really is the 21st century when Twitter hashtags make it onto the front page of a publication!

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