Marina Diamandis sparkles by name and by nature in bedazzling pink glittery boots!

Those of you who follow us on Twitter (@myfashionlife, fyi) may remember us excitedly tweeting Radio One DJ Fearne Cotton yesterday when she announced Marina Diamandis would be paying her a visit in the studio and we wanted a report on her outfit. 

Well, we have something a little bit better than a report for you, as we have a very clear picture of what the style-savvy Marina and the Diamonds singer was wearing. And it’s a good job too, as we don’t think many people would be able to visualise “granny chic mixed with sparkly ice skating inspired boots”, would they? It’s true what they say about a picture speaking a thousand words.

The candy-floss-coloured fluffy pink knit and grey hair should be screaming “grandma” at us, but all we hear is “cute and fashion forward”! It’s not the best example of sartorial beauty at its finest, but that doesn’t stop us from loving the look – and the singer!

Kelly Osbourne take note: this is how to rock the grey hair trend!

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