Cindy Crawford cringes when people airbrush her mole, will let her daughter model

Any good supermodel or actress will tell you that one of the key secrets to their success and longevity is down to establishing a trademark. For Angelina Jolie, it’s her luscious lips. For Elle Macpherson, it’s her body, and akin to Sarah Jessica Parker, for Cindy Crawford, it’s her mole. 

Therefore, you can imagine her distress when she comes to find that one of her trademark features is missing, especially when it’s on the cover of the one and only fashion bible.

“The first time they put me on the cover, they airbrushed off my mole,” she told The Daily. “Whenever they mess with the mole, I cringe!”

Cringy mole removal aside, Cindy also told the paper that she wouldn’t mind if her daughter Kaia Gerber (who has already posed for Donatella Versace at age 10) pursued a career in modelling.

“At this point, she’s too young to pursue a career,” she said. “There aren’t even a handful of jobs for a 10-year-old girl. But if she’s 17 and wants to try it, of course, what can I say?”

Aww, ever the supporting mum!


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