Swap your daily Lola’s stop off for the Dannijo Capucine neon necklace

This week’s Fashion Calculator swap is a tough one. It has us torn between our two biggest weaknesses: a tooth-achingly sweet cupcake and a smattering of super-desirable neon.

Some of us may be embarrassed to admit we actually have such a pushy sweet tooth, that it forces us to the back of  Topshop on Oxford Street everyday to satiate our cupcake craving, but we’re all guilty of  it

Maybe, asking you to sacrifice your sugar rush and make everyday for the next 130 Lola’s Red Velvet-free is a crime against all things that look, and taste equally heavenly, but lay your eyes on the Dannijo Capucine necklace and you’ll see why it’s justified.

The Capucine necklace is the perfect pick-up accessory for a casual outfit; just let the neon do the talking. Embellished with Swarovski and neon coated crystals, it’s sitting high up on our lust list.

Team with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or really embrace spring/summer 2012’s riotous clashing and wear with a printed dress.

130 x Lola’s Red Velvet Cupcake @ £2.50 each  = 1 x Dannijo Capucine Necklace in Neon @ £325, available at Oxygen Boutique.

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