Fake Abercrombie and Fitch site in trouble over racist product description!

Uh oh, looks like a counterfeit Abercrombie and Fitch site is in hot water for more than one reason.

As well as being in deep trouble selling fake goods in the first place, the site, which refers to itself as an “outlet”, is also tarnishing the A&F name by describing a pair of shorts with racist terminology!

Gossip site TMZ exclusively found out that the website was selling ‘Abercrombie’ trousers that came in “n-word” brown, which has understandably made the real Abercrombie and Fitch furious!

“We do not condone racist language,” a rep for Abercrombie and Fitch reportedly told TMZ. “This is a counterfeit website and we have initiated legal proceedings to shut it down.”

You’ll be pleased to know that the site, which The Daily Mail reports was registered in China, has since been taken down.

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