Christy Turlington and a pencil moustache cover May’s Tatler

here It’s quite a different take on the recent androgyny trend, and it’s not the most conventional make-up choice for a magazine cover we must admit, but then, when has Christy Turlington played by the rules?

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The 43-year-old (!!!) supermodel is posing for May’s Tatler UK front cover, channelling an old-school male photographer, which we assume pays homage to her recent foray into the world of directing.

Despite the moustache that has been drawn on her though, she still looks every bit as gorgeous and feminine as ever, which just goes to show the power of a true original 90s supermodel.

see url Do you like what Tatler has done or do you think the message would have come across just as well sans tache?  Answers on a postcard.

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