Website loving: Chamilia

Regular MFL readers will know by now that we are partial to a bit (ok, a lot) of sparkle, which is why we and the website Chamilia go together better than peanut and butter.

The Chamilia online store is pretty much heaven for us, as it’s literally never been easier to customise our own Chamilia bracelets with its beautiful selection of beads with Swarovski elements. In a word: divine!

The best thing is that everything is completely customisable, so it will be pretty rare to find someone with exactly the same bracelet/bead combo as you. You can choose between material, colour and theme (i.e. selecting your birthstone, or picking a character from the wonderful Disney collection) – anything your heart desires – and the possibilities are virtually endless!

We had a field day browsing the site and dreaming up lots of fab bracelet combos; why not give it a go eh? What better way to spend your lunch break than designing gorgeous bracelets….it is Friday after all, you’re allowed to distract yourselves in the office…

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