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Lunchtime Buy: Savannah Noir belted one-piece

There’s something very Marilyn Monroe about this Savannah Noir swimsuit from Fox & Rose, which should be reason enough to convince anyone to invest in it.

The gorgeous one-piece aims to create that desirable hourglass figure and is perfect for flattering each and every womanly curve. It also does a good job of creating some if you’re lacking in certain areas.

The underwired cups not only give you full support, but they’re also padded, so absolutely everyone can have a dreamy, old Hollywood silhouette for the beach.

Plus, it tackles that ever-annoying problem of fumbling with bikini straps to avoid those pesky tan lines. If you want a bit more support though, or want to mix it up a bit, it even comes with detachable halter neck straps, so you essentially get two looks for the price of one.

An investment piece you’ll buy now, but will love forever!

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