Get your bank holiday jewellery hit with Mawi at Yoox.com!

For those of you who have decided to declare today a non-day (we speak urban, yes we do!) and dedicated it to nursing a hangover, overcoming the guilt of your shopping centre attack over the weekend or simply befriending your duvet and losing yourself in this month’s glossies, we’ve got something super-distracting to, well, distract you with!

Enter the just-landed SS’12 collection from jewellery extraordinaire Mawi, at Yoox.com.

Famed for an ‘ethno-architecture’ approach to design, the Indian-born designer, full name Mawi Keivon, has been enticing us with her edgy jewels for over ten years and her new collection at Yoox.com is no exception. Oh, how we do love a dash of ultra sparkly ‘bling’ on a day of pure and utter indulgence!

For SS’12, the collection is split in three: Hyper-luxe, which seeks to push boundaries and exaggerate the idea of luxury, making for super-desirable, architecturally-inspired jewellery; Talisman, which revolves around the evil eye and third eye and reflects a philosophy of ‘protection and healing, and, finally, The Pyramid Story, which is a contemporary take on the tribal trend, translated with the use of Swarovski crystals and neon pearls.

If all of these delicious descriptions are too much to stomach, check out our top picks from the SS’12 collection above, and watch an exclusive interview with Mawi on Yoox.com, here.

Check out the complete Mawi SS’12 collection at Yoox.com here

Shown above: Necklace, £490; Earrings, £330; Ring, £170; Bracelet, £430, all available at Yoox.com

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