Nicole Richie wears Emilio Pucci to the Fifi Awards

When we think of the ultimate boho look, Nicole Richie instantly springs to mind. We often look to the party girl turned fashion designer for street style tips, as we think she is always so expertly put together even when she’s just casually picking her (very adorable) kids up or running errands. 

However, as much as Nicole Richie is a pro at the finely executed off duty look, no one can argue that her “wow factor” look isn’t equally as, if not more, impressive.

Take the Fifi Awards for example. Nicole really pulled out all the stops for the red carpet, rocking a black, lace Emilio Pucci dress with a gorgeous flowing train trailing along behind her. Not only was her dress spectacular, but her hair which was worked into a high, voluminous bun also contributed to her show-stopping look.

If you wanted to know what a blend of dangerously sexy and elegant is like, look no further. Nicole Richie, you are a style goddess and we salute you!

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