Celebrate the Olympics and the Jubilee with Mulberry!

We love a bit of patriotism and right now we have no reason to not love Britain. Not only are we currently giving countries in the Mediterranean a run for their money in terms of weather, but the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are literally just around the corner!

So, if you want to show the world how much you love all things British with a bit of luxury, we have the perfect thing for you. Mulberry has cottoned on to how important Britishness is to us right now, which is why it’s created an exclusive collection of Union Jack lock products. The classic bags we know and love have been revamped with special Union Jack detailing.

We had the pleasure of seeing some of the pieces with our very own eyes at the Mulberry press day and can confirm that they are even more beautiful in the flesh.

Head to Mulberry’s website for the full range of Union Jack products.

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