Olivia Palermo makes dog-walking stylish

Handbag dogs have always been regarded as a bit of a fashion accessory as well as a beloved pet, so it doesn’t surprise to see Olivia Palermo making the simple task of dog walking ultra stylish!

The socialite-turned-fashion designer took her adorable white pooch Mr Butler for a stroll yesterday, turning the humble streets of Brooklyn, New York into her own personal catwalk.

We love every inch of her effortless look – so simple, yet so effective! Jeans for comfort and to kick off the casual vibe, a blue jumper for standing out, as well as keeping out the chill (although we didn’t think the Big Apple actually had that much of a chill at this time of the year, but nevermind) stilettos for that final fabulous touch and of course, the mandatory shades for keeping out the sun and maintaining that Hollywood starlet status.

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