‘Confirmation’ that Gisele is pregnant!

We don’t like to get involved with hearsay, but we can hold it in no longer… Gisele Bundchen may very well be pregnant with baby number two and this is very exciting stuff! 

We thought she looked glowing and gorgeous at the Met Gala a few weeks ago, but just put it down to Gisele being good old, gorgeous, stupidly perfect Gisele.

However, a ‘source’ has apparently confirmed that she and hubby Tom Brady are indeed expecting their second bundle of joy…

“Yes, she is pregnant,” the source allegedly told US magazine, before adding that Gisele and Tom are “really happy” about the news.

We’ll happily take that as an official confirmation for now. Seeing as the Brazilian beauty never actually confirmed her first pregnancy, it might be as good as we’ll get until we see a more visible bump.

Congrats to the happy couple for their (very probably) soon-to-be new arrival.

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