Karl Lagerfeld talks Kate Middleton’s “perfect” style

Aww, we love it when Karl Lagerfeld’s comments are deemed newsworthy for positive reasons!  The Kaiser has spoken out about Kate Middleton – and didn’t have a bad word to say about our future Queen!

“She looks perfect, there’s nothing I have to change,” he told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if he’d change anything about the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. “I think she looks beautiful.”

Obviously we are in complete and utter agreement! And what does Mr Chanel have to say about Kate’s aversion to an all-designer wardrobe?

“Then people would say they spent too much money, you know? We live in a strange world.”

He’s right there. Kate Middleton won’t please everyone with her sartorial choices… but getting Karl Lagerfeld on side is definitely something to be proud of!

Carry on as normal Kate, you have Kaiser Karl’s seal of approval!

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