Love or Hate: Katy Perry’s flapper style

We all know that Katy Perry is partial to the odd bit of fancy dress on the red carpet, so when we heard that she rocked up to the Spirit of Life awards dressed as a flapper, we didn’t really bat an eyelid. 

No one really knows whether Katy was going in fancy dress or whether she just felt like embracing the roaring 20s, but one thing we DO know is that she looked quite gorgeous while doing so.

We think she stole the show for all the right reasons but have a sneaky suspicion not everyone will agree with us, so we want your opinions! We love it when celebs mix it up on the red carpet, and Katy Perry’s style has never been boring or predictable so we take our metaphorical hats off to her for always keeping us on our toes.

The backless, copper-coloured silky dress, which she appeared to be wearing sans bra, really showed off her svelte figure, and the attention to detail as far as the Marcel waves in her hair, make-up and accessories go was utter perfection. We need that embellished headpiece in our lives, pronto!

We think she did the decade proud. Do you?

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