Wayne Hemingway gives McDonald’s uniforms an Olympic-ready make-over

Genuinely never thought we’d be writing a fashion post about McDonald’s, but here goes…

Ultra-cool fashion designer Wayne Hemingway was snapped up by Mcdonald’s to revamp some of the uniforms for the Olympics next month. What was his inspiration for these pieces of clothing, you ask?

“We wanted to put some colour into it,” the designer said. “We wanted colours that reflected where McDonald’s and the restaurants were going. We haven’t gone for bright reds and yellows. We’ve gone for more muted colours.”

So, here’s what to expect. The boys and girls in the crew will wear respective “mustard yellow” and “gherkin green” t-shirts, while ‘customer care assistants’ will wear check shirts with dark green trousers and skirts; managers will wear black and white, with the ladies accessorising with a mustard coloured scarf.

And baseball cap enthusiasts, we’d hate to break it to you, but there’s no place for such pieces of headgear on Wayne Hemingway’s watch.

“We wanted to break away from baseball caps,” he said. “I have a thing about baseball caps – they are a little bit too American, and they are about sport and petrol pump attendants.”

AREN’T they, though?! Do you like what he’s done with the uniforms?


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