Nicole Richie’s debut perfume launches this September!

It’s finally time to catch a highly-ancitipated glimpse at the debut perfume Nicole Richie has been working on for the past year!

Nicole joined forces with TPR Holdings LLC to create her debut fragrance, which was apparently inspired by her mother and the way in which she layered different scents on top of each other.

“I have a very traditional Southern mom – you never left the house without lotion,” she told WWD. “Over her lotion went oil and perfume – she was very put together from head to toe. It wasn’t just a one-dimensional smell – there were many different layers.”

Nicole’s perfume is an infusion of blackberry, Seville orange, lily of the valley, sandalwood and Moroccan rose which all sounds rather scrumptious to us!

It’s not just about the smell though – you know the all-important bottle is just as crucial. Nicole teamed up with Dale Brandon Kan to create the intricate design…

“We’re in an interesting time right now where women aren’t just one thing — there are many different parts to a woman,” she said. “So I wanted to create a very intricate bottle that was still elegant, but not so in-your-face girly at the same time.”

You can get your hands on Nicole’s fragrance from September.


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