Alexander McQueen gets futuristic for the autumn/winter 2012 ad campaign

The Alexander McQueen autumn/winter 2012 ad campaign images are finally out, and we have to say, they’ve definitely been worth the wait.

Each David Sims lensed image features a somewhat robotic Suvi Koponen in both black and white, and in colour, modelling some of Alexander McQueen’s most magical, futuristic and dramatic new season designs.

Even with everything going on in the background and the general out-of-this-world, somewhat extra-terrestrial nature of the ads (some of these pics really remind us of Katy Perry’s E.T music video… anyone else agree?), the main focus is still very much in each expertly structured creation.

Sarah Burton’s “beautiful future” vision that she initially had for the collection definitely hasn’t been lost in these ads. Utter perfection!


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