Website Loving: I Like What You’re Wearing!

As much as we adore snapping up threads from the hottest, most established designers, we get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when we discover new, rising talent and can actually lend our support to help the individuals grow. 

Our latest discovery – ‘I Like What You’re Wearing’, i.e., helps us do just that by allowing us fashion conscious shoppers the chance to get our paws on one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found anywhere else from the best talented rising designers out there. The best part? The items are sold through the most beautiful editorial features.

What’s more, a good chunk of money from the sales goes straight back to the designers, meaning that they have the funds to whip up even more pieces. It’s a beautiful cycle!

“Any woman who appreciates fashion needs to be involved in the movement that has sparked.,” says founder Olivia Gossett. “Through spreading the word about #RisingFashion and investing in its designers, you’re directly ensuring that the talent of tomorrow is nurtured and allowed to flourish.

“We are here to revitalise an industry and shed light on its under appreciated talents.”

Plus, who wouldn’t want to shop from a website with such a complimentary title, eh? Head to the website now to sign up and check out what glorious pieces are on offer!

See below for our top picks…..

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