Nicole Richie’s first fragrance ad is here!

Last month we showed you the stunning bottle of Nicole Richie’s debut fragrance, but today it’s time to look at the first ad campaign – which we must say is just as if not more gorgeous than we expected.

Wearing an exquisite backless pale purple dress, Nicole is striking a mesmerising yet slightly provocative pose as she looks over her beautifully bronzed shoulder with her big, brown darkly lined eyes.

She is sporting a full head of “bangs” as our Stateside readers would say, the honey/golden hued tones of which works really well with the background and overall ‘art decor’ vibe of the ad. The campaign and bottle are both a reflection of Nicole’s personal style, so we’re glad she stayed true to herself for the project.

Don’t forget, you can get your paws on Nicole Richie’s fragrance this September. Nearly there!

[Sassi Sam]

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