The Ashish for Topshop sports collection is on sale now!

Following on from our “sporty yet fashionable finds” feature last week, we thought it would be a good idea to remind you that the latest Ashish for Topshop collection has a very strong sports theme to it too. Just giving you all the options for your sporty, summery (no doubt Olympic-themed) wardrobe.

The designer’s eighth collection for the High Street chain features a tracksuit set adorned with world flags, lots of jumpers with cheeky slogans such as “2nd place”, “I love sports” and “don’t play games”, and a very tongue in cheek American baseball jacket which reads “loser” on the back.

We love how Ashish has taken a different approach with the collection; it’s actually more personal to him than you might think…

“I was rubbish at sports in school, and I was always the last one chosen for the football team,” Ashish Gupta said. “So I can relate to being the ‘loser’! I want to celebrate the underdog, the runner up, the ones that don’t get the medals!”

What a refreshing and endearing concept. It’s like Glee all over again!

The Ashish for Topshop sports collection is on sale right now!

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