First look at Nicole Richie’s Macy’s Impulse collection

A sneaky sketch from Nicole Richie’s Macy’s Impulse collection has finally emerged, and it’s got us quite excited about what we can expect from the rest of the line.

“Nicole is pretty savvy when it comes to the fashion business and understanding consumers,” said Martine Reardon, a spokesperson for Macy’s Inc. “She’s a real fashion influence.

“She’s got a very definitive look, very free style and bohemian chic, and our collection will definitely pay homage to her style.”

The reality star-turned-designer has also spoken out about the collection herself, saying that it has a “strong mix of masculine and feminine: printed chiffon mixed with faux leathers.”

Sounds pretty good, right? The collection is slated to hit Macy’s stores and online in the middle of September, so expect to see more previews of the collection soon! Do you like what you see so far?

[Belfast Telegraph] 

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