Treat someone special to an ethical piece of Frogpearl jewellery

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We love getting on board with new designers and companies, and although we’ve been rather obsessed with all things London-based lately for obvious (Olympic) reasons, we decided to broaden our jewellery horizons a little.

Luckily, we were quick to discover the wonderful Frogpearl, a Swedish jewellery company that was founded in Stockholm just last year by former pro dancer Felicia Sobocki. Dancers definitely know a thing or two about beauty, which is more than evident in this case!

As well as producing gorgeous bracelets, necklaces and earrings, Frogpearl ensures that all of the jewellery is ethically sourced, and made from cultured freshwater pearls.

“Our reason behind specializing in pearls, instead of another material, is that they are truly organic gems, produced naturally and carefully formed by nature itself,” said Felicia. “It takes up to 6 years to create just one pearl. That in itself makes them extraordinary.”

We’ll say! Check out the website to see all the Frogpearl jewellery currently on offer – and keep your eyes peeled for the new “vintage fashion-inspired” collection in September, too!

So, whether shopping for yourself (come on girls, we all need to treat ourselves every now and again) or looking for a gift for someone special, Frogpearl is a great place to start (and probably end) your search.

(I’ve personally chosen the pink coin pearl bracelet for myself, as it’s a really versatile colour and offsets the rose gold tones of my Michael Kors watch which never leaves my wrist perfectly. It also provides some much needed femininity and elegance when I’m having a rock chick day!)

[top image by Ann Kykyri Schultz. Make Up: Jennie-lie Östbor. Model:Tora Juhlin-Dannfelt/ Stockholmsgruppen] 
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