7 heatwave-worthy sandals you’ll adore

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We knew it! We knew that we shouldn’t have got too attached to the sun and its glorious rays, because as we predicted, those degrees have already started to drop. Well, it was fun while it lasted!

However, we’re still remaining relatively optimistic that the sun will return to us in good old Blighty, which is why we haven’t banished our summer clothes to the back of the wardrobe or ruled out buying more summer-appropriate pieces just yet.

We’ve already covered the summer-ready dresses, so now it’s time to look at some fine, fancy and FLAT footwear, just in case we are blessed with another short-lived (but much appreciated) heatwave.  Here are seven of our favourite sandals currently available for you to buy:

1. Leather beaded sandals, £26, ASOS Collection available at ASOS

2. Blue sandals, £339, Lanvin available at Far Fetch

3. Block cololur sandals, £30, available at Dune

4. Fluoro sandals, £70, Marc by Marc Jacobs available at Far Fetch

5. Jewelled sandals, £35, Nine West available at John Lewis

6. Pink gladiator sandals, £25, Collection Weekend by John Lewis available at John Lewis

7. Glitter sandals, £12, available at River Island

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