When only a t-shirt will do… 5 of our fave t-shirts!

Ah, the t-shirt. So trusty, so versatile, and so perfect for when you’re having a casual day.

Tees don’t always have to scream “dressed down” though – on the contrary, a t-shirt can be vamped up or toned down depending on those all-important accessories.

We’ve all been in that “only a t-shirt will do” mood, whether it’s because we want to express ourselves through a witty slogan, cover up a sunburn or any other reason. We all know that a t-shirt really is a wardrobe staple just as iconic and relevant as the little black dress. A bold statement, but we’ll stand by it!

Have we inspired you to have a t-shirt day this week?

1. Sahara top, £45, Object

2. Ka-pow t-shit, £160, 3.1 Phillip Lim

3. Crew neck tee, £135, Current/Elliot

4. Dazed tee, £35, Denim is Dead

5. Stay SS top, £18, Only

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