Watch Agyness Deyn’s video for Dr Martens

Seeing as the Agyness Deyn for Dr Martens collection is due to launch on August 15th, it’s about time we started seeing some promo material for it, don’t you reckon?

Luckily, a nineties-inspired video has just been released, and it features a newly red-haired Agyness Deyn showing off her unique and individual style by driving around California causing general grungy havoc such as graffiti-ing walls and jumping into swimming pools.

She obviously does so while modelling some of the clothes, shoes and accessories in her upcoming collection… otherwise it would all be a bit pointless, wouldn’t it? 

“I’m very hard to pin down,” she narrates in the video. “I’m not a bird that would adapt well to having their wings clipped.” Hmm…

We’re actually really looking forward to the launch of this collection – we can’t wait to see what Agyness and Dr Martens have conjured up! Are you interested in the collaboration?


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