Louise Gray turns her talents to sportswear!

Watching all the incredible athletes during the London 2012 Olympics has inspired more than handful of people to get sporty. This is why, despite the Games being officially over for another four years (sniff!) sportswear collections are still a red hot idea, hence why Louise Gray has got on board and designed her own!

The Scottish designer didn’t create a generic sportswear collection though – she had the first ever all-female horse racing team in mind!

“I’m very pro-women as a designer, so when I was approached to do this project and read the amazing things that these women have achieved, it convinced me to get on board,” the designer told British Vogue. “They’re really strong female role models.

“I took the silhouette from one of my most popular dresses and made it shorter and a bit sportier for the girls, and applied the colours in stripes. I wanted it to be graphic and bold.”

Graphic and bold it definitely is, and you can see British jockey Hayley Turner, American Chantal Sutherland and Canadian Emma Jayne Wilson modelling the kit above. Do you like it?


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