Crushing on Ashley Tisdale’s playful Motel Rocks look

With her sleek, wavy blonde tresses and generally effortless style, Ashley Tisdale is the ultimate California dream girl… and her latest look on the streets of West Hollywood just confirms it!

We always see the Tiz getting papped coming in and out of the gym, and we can totally see that her efforts haven’t been in vain as she is rocking a seriously slim and toned body. Just goes to show that hard work really does pay off! *Puts cake down…*

Ashley may not be in Hellcats or High School Musical anymore, but we know she’s still hot Hollywood property, and can definitely afford a pricey wardrobe if she wants one. This is why it’s refreshing to know that despite the queues of designers waiting to dress her, she still likes to shop from the good old high street too. Ashley’s gorgeous, print-tastic Tropical Butterfly playsuit only costs £48 – and you can get the exact same one at Motel Rocks.

All you’d need are some gladiator sandals, sunnies and a fabulous blow dry and you’d be good to go.

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