First look: Watch Sarah Jessica Parker in Glee!

We have an exciting midweek treat for you this Wednesday morning. Forget the horrible, unpredictable, impossible-to-dress-for weather, sit back, relax and watch a cheeky clip of the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker in Glee! 

True to our word a few months ago, SJP will be appearing in several episodes of the hit Fox show as Isabelle, the editor of And as we told you before, her wardrobe has been selected by editor extraordinaire Anna Wintour, so bear that in mind as you’re watching intently.

We thought this role might be Carrie Bradshaw all over again, but we have a feeling that Isabelle is going to bring something new to the table. Watch the clip below where SJP/Isabelle meets Kurt for the first time and the pair discuss fashion and food poisoning. Enjoy!

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