Giles Deacon to show at Moscow Fashion Week

Talk about mixing it up! If you thought Giles Deacon was going to take a well-deserved break after his gorgeous spring/summer 2013 collection and new collaboration with Sky Ride, then you were sorely mistaken.

The designer is keen to keep busy and has just announced that he will be heading to Russia to take part in Moscow Fashion Week.

“We sell well in the whole of eastern Europe,” the designer said. “There are some really sophisticated ladies there. I like the idea of design for everyone. Whatever the price, a thing should be well designed.

“It’s like making your references from a good punk band to Mahler. There’s no reason you can’t listen to both. Both think that, for something to be valid from an idea or design-level, it has to come from some higher place. It can, but of course it doesn’t always have to. Something can be hilariously banal and quite good. It depends on how it’s worked, approached, developed and then produced.”

Well said Mr Deacon. We’re looking forward to seeing what he has to offer the residents of Moscow. Do you think they are ready for bright pink lampshade-inspired hats?


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