Guilt-free bling to brighten up your day…

Elizabeth Taylor was a smart woman; why else would she have one of the biggest and most coveted jewellery collections in the world, hmm?

If you want to channel the great late Ms Taylor and sparkle this winter (the weather is depressing, so you’ll need all the help you can get!) then why don’t you see if any of the pieces from the Pepper Pink by Mark Milton jewellery collection will suffice? You can even get something in your own birthstone to make it personal to you, which is always a nice additional touch! Check out Pepper Pink’s range of semi precious stone jewellery and more right now!

If you like your jewellery in the big and chunky region, then has some great selections that will not only stand out a mile, but won’t cost you your rent money either. There’s a multi-gemstone sterling silver necklace (pictured above) which has been reduced from $170 to just $77 that we think will be a great accessory to any Christmas party dress! Browse Rocks TV’s Silver Jewellery collection right now if you want to get your hands on some guilt-free bling!

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