Arizona Muse stars in Louis Vuitton’s first ever TV commercial

It’s hard to believe Louis Vuitton has never released a TV advert before, but it’s true. Nevertheless, LV has decided to get in on the televised advertorial action – better late than never – and has enlisted the help of Inez and Vinoodh to direct the ad, and the gorgeous Arizona Muse to star in it.

What Louis Vuitton lacks in years of TV-commercial experience it certainly made up for in stunning content. You can see Arizona embarking on her very own Parisian adventure, which even includes having a stare-off with the Mona Lisa!

“An intrepid young woman enters this universal temple and unwinds the skein of time,” reads a statement from the brand. “After an encounter with the Mona Lisa and the Italian masters, armed with a key, she releases the secrets — also desired by a man hot on her heels — enclosed for more than 150 years in a legendary trunk created by Louis Vuitton.

“Like a thread stretching across time and space, a hot-air balloon rises above the Cour Carrée. The beautiful unknown woman leaves the Louvre for a far-off destination in pursuit of her destiny.”

Oooh! Check it out for yourselves below and let us know what you think of Louis Vuitton’s efforts.


  1. What is the song?

  2. What is the song? I recognize it, but can’t place it.

  3. Hmm, this reminds me of the Chanel ads. I think the brand could have been bit more original with their commercial. It doesn’t evoke the quirkiness of the brand at all.

  4. The song is “In the House – In a Heartbeat” by film composer John Murphy. It shows up in various ads but is also from the soundtrack of the movies “28 Days Letter” and “Kick Ass”.

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