The world’s most stylish holiday destinations

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Sometimes, we just need a little sun. The cold winds and unflattering jumpers of autumn and winter can get you down, so getting a bit of winter sun is perfect to make you feel refreshed and glamorous again. Here are our top tips to give you that much-needed pick me up during the colder months.

Mahé Island, Seychelles

If a stylish holiday filled with sun, sea and sand is what you are dreaming of at the moment, the Seychelles may well be the place for you. Featuring golden beaches and the bluest of seas, the Seychelles, and in particular Mahé Island, promises visitors a luxurious, relaxing holiday in the most picturesque of surroundings. Some of the best beaches are tied in with resorts such as Kempinski Seychelles, so be sure to research each resort’s merits before you book!

Nassau, Bahamas

Also sitting pretty with an average winter temperature in the mid-twenties is Nassau, capital of the Bahamas. As with Mahé Island, Nassau has many fabulous beaches to relax upon and recharge before the busy Christmas period. Additionally, a trip to the Bacardi Distillery will allow you to sip on free cocktails and take advantage of the satisfyingly cheap Bacardi gift shop, so you can stock up on supplies to remind you of warmer days when you are back in your cold hometown.

Havana, Cuba

If you are looking for a bit of culture with your luxury, Havana could be the place for you. November through April is the area’s dry season, and is widely viewed as the best time to visit Cuba. Split your time at the beach with ogling faded Spanish architecture or hanging out in some of Hemingway’s favourite haunts with a glass of rum in one hand while enjoying a bit of live jazz, and you will forget you even have a home, let alone what the weather is like there.

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