Asda re-creates Michelle Obama’s Michael Kors election dress

First Lady Michelle Obama has captivated the world with her effortless, elegant style, and we all waited with baited breath to discover what she would be wearing on that all-important Election Night.

We applauded the First Lady’s decision to wear a “recycled” red and black Michael Kors dress for the occasion, as it just goes to show that even the wife of the President can be thrifty too.

With penny-saving in mind then, it’s now a good time to mention that George at Asda has made its very own version of the lucky dress in question. The metallic midi dress, also known as ‘the Michelle’, retails for just £20 and is part of Asda’s new  “Impress Dresses” range.

Whether you want to channel the First Lady or just want a great frock to wow the crowds in this festive season, we think you could do a lot worse than “the Michelle”. And who knows, it might even bring you luck too…

[Daily Mail] [Image]

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