Berenice Marlohe is the new face of Omega watches

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Since appearing as a Bond girl in the latest 007 film Skyfall, the gorgeous Berenice Marlohe has never been far from a fab designer dress or a stunning accessory. And it doesn’t look like wearing luxury jewellery is going to stop any time soon either, as she has just become the new brand ambassador of Omega!

The beautiful French actress can be seen posing in some sexy dresses and skimpy lingerie for the new Omega ad campaign, and although the watches are evident in all of the pictures, we have a feeling some red-blooded males might miss the point of them.

So ladies, if you want your man to buy you a sexy piece of Omega wrist candy this Christmas, we’d suggest finding a picture of the one you want and showing it to him directly rather than leaving these ad campaigns around the house as a hint. Sure it’s a little blunt, but that’s the only way to guarantee that he won’t misunderstand and buy you a cut-out swimming cozzie instead…

Do you think Berenice is a good brand ambassador for Omega? The word “perfection” springs to mind for us!


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