Blair Waldorf’s Gossip Girl headbands are going on sale!

As we all know, the end of Gossip Girl is sadly nigh, as the last episode will hit our screens in just a few weeks’ time. (How will we cope without Serena, Blair and friends? The future is looking bleak!)

However there is a small silver lining. To commemorate the end of the series, Jennifer Behr, the designer behind some of Blair Waldorf’s most iconic headbands, is giving us the chance to own some of the special pieces either individually or through one almighty gift pack.

The hairbands don’t come cheap though, which is hardly surprising given Blair’s wealth and status, especially the coveted black and crystal Queen B headband that was given to Little J Jenny Humphrey at the end of Season 3.

If you want to get your hands on aforementioned Queen B headband, you will have to part with $4,000 (no we didn’t add some extra zeros, we really do mean 4,000 big ones!) and snap up the Gift Set, which will get you the piece and eight other Blair Waldorf classics.

If you don’t want to part with that much cash though (can’t say we blame you), then the individual pieces have a much more affordable price tag. A cream double rosette headwrap costs $152, while a neon orchid skinny headband could be yours for $225. Click here to check out all of the headbands and their prices.




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