J.W Anderson and Simone Rocha win BFC/Topshop NEWGEN sponsorship

Every year it looks like the competition for the BFC/Topshop NEWGEN sponsorship gets tougher and tougher, but the big winners this time round are none other than J.W Anderson and Simone Rocha! Congrats to them!

“The NEWGEN bar is set so high: to qualify, designers must prove their originality, excellence and openness to learning how to take first steps in businesses,” said Sarah Mower, a spokesperson for the NEWGEN committee.

“This season’s winners are a snapshot of what London is now – a varied group of vivid individualists, from many countries. They’re a brilliant reflection of the energy of a city which enables so many talents to settle and shine.”

J.W Anderson and Simone Rocha will therefore receive financial support for their autumn/winter 2013 collections this February, and will have the honour of showcasing their work at the BFC Show Space. We can’t wait to see what they come up with – February isn’t too far away, so not long til we find out!


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